Yosemite Waterfall Looks Like Fire

For a short time every february the sunset hits the water at horsetail falls just right making the waterfall look like it s on fire. The annual firefall effect as it is called is happening now at yosemite and will probably last only through this upcoming weekend when the tilt of the earth will shift and disrupt the delicate.

Once A Year If All The Conditions Are Just Right This Waterfall In Yosemite Will Glow Like Fire It Lasts Only Minutes Waterfall Yosemite Park National Parks

According to yosemite s website the most convenient and.

Yosemite waterfall looks like fire. Yosemite s firefall usually occurs in february when on a clear evening the setting sun reflects brilliant colors like red and orange on the waters of horsetail fall according to lonely planet. Peggy sells shutterstock it may look like a ribbon of cascading lava but a so called firefall in. The firefall at yosemite national park in california is a waterfall in disguise.

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